August 18th 2019

"Growing on a Jungle Log & Alternative Potting Methods"


                                                                                      "Phragmipedium Quality Flowers & Culture" parts 1 and 2


October 21st 2018

On the first video Manuel Aybar talks about Taiwan Orchid Show and Breeding Trends.
Second video starts with our business meeting followed by Manny's presentation: "Dendrobium. A look at the Phalaenanthe Section"



September 16th 2018

  "Catasetinae Species and their Cultivation" Business meeting & "Cycnoches, Mormodes, Catasetum Recent Trends" Part 1
September Speaker: Fred Clarke from "Sunset Valley Orchids"


March 18th 2018

** Videos from business meeting, presentation and Show and Tell 
(camera ran out of battery almost at the end of our meeting. Oops!)
"Growing Equitant Oncidiiums - Tolumnias" Part 1  
By Bill Parker


February 18th 2018

**These 2 videos are 'almost' the whole meeting, including business meeting and presentation**

Panel Discussion. Miscellaneous Cultural Concerns. Q & A




October 15th 2017

Sarah Pratt from Kansas


"Five Reasons I Hate Orchids"  &  "A Very Incomplete Overview of Intergeneric Orchids"


September 17th 2017

Dr. Dotty Woodson from D&B Orchids. 

"Don't Throw Away that Orchid"


"Growing Paphiopedilums"




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