February 16th 2020

"This video has been removed as requested by Douglas Needham to protect his intellectual property"


              January 19th 2020

How to Flask Orchid Seeds (green pod method)
by Jay Simon



August 18th 2019

"Growing on a Jungle Log & Alternative Potting Methods"


                                                                                      "Phragmipedium Quality Flowers & Culture" parts 1 and 2


October 21st 2018

On the first video Manuel Aybar talks about Taiwan Orchid Show and Breeding Trends.
Second video starts with our business meeting followed by Manny's presentation: "Dendrobium. A look at the Phalaenanthe Section"



September 16th 2018

  "Catasetinae Species and their Cultivation" Business meeting & "Cycnoches, Mormodes, Catasetum Recent Trends" Part 1
September Speaker: Fred Clarke from "Sunset Valley Orchids"


March 18th 2018

** Videos from business meeting, presentation and Show and Tell 
(camera ran out of battery almost at the end of our meeting. Oops!)
"Growing Equitant Oncidiiums - Tolumnias" Part 1  
By Bill Parker


February 18th 2018

**These 2 videos are 'almost' the whole meeting, including business meeting and presentation**

Panel Discussion. Miscellaneous Cultural Concerns. Q & A




October 15th 2017

Sarah Pratt from Kansas


"Five Reasons I Hate Orchids"  &  "A Very Incomplete Overview of Intergeneric Orchids"


September 17th 2017

Dr. Dotty Woodson from D&B Orchids. 

"Don't Throw Away that Orchid"


"Growing Paphiopedilums"




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