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  I would really like to give the members a place to have an input for our society meetings.  If you have a favorite orchid that you want to tell the members about and perhaps even a picture please let me know and I will publish your pictures on our newsletter.
You can e-mail me at   


Oklahoma Orchid Society Newsletter

November 2019

 Hello everybody!
I hope you all are doing well and all your orchids are back inside your house or greenhouse for the cold season.
This coming Sunday the 17th at 1:00 pm we will have a Greenhouse Tour;  this year it will be at Doug Needham's place in Stillwater, Oklahoma
at 2:00 pm we will have our OOS meeting and the 2020 Officers and Show Poster vote.
(please bring one of the following: cheese & cracker platter, assorted desserts, veggie platter, finger food, etc.)

**This month we will NOT have a raffle, but Doug has a nice plant for auction.

The invitation with directions to Doug's place will be attached to the Newsletter email and not here on the website

Here you have the pictures of the Show Posters. choose the one you like to vote for during our meeting.




AOS Culture check list for the months of November-December:

Don't forget to read October Minutes!

Gabriel Guerrero-Savage.


October 2019


- Hello everyone, the cold days of winter are coming fast!  Just a few days ago we had 28° F here in Edmond and I forgot to bring my Vandas in the house.. two of them are in spike!   Fortunately they all are fine. 
This month for Green Growers we have Jay Simon talking about "Rupicolous (Rue-pickle-us) Laelias",  and for the Presentation we have Director of Horticulture from The Myriad Gardens, Nate Tschaenn talking about "Deceptive Growing & Pollination Strategies of Orchids"
- Our meeting is this coming Sunday the 20th at 1:00 pm at the Will Rogers Garden Exhibition Center 3400 NW 36th St. Oklahoma City, OK. This time in the Meeting Room 1.


-For month for the October edition of the American Orchid Society Bulletin we got the special supplement magazine,
and this year is "THE ONCIDIUM ALLIANCE, Species and Hybrids".
I really hope you all got it because it's beautiful!
If you have not subscribed to the AOS, the one year membership package with print magazine is still $65.


AOS Culture Checklist for the Months of September-October:


AOS Upcoming Webinars

Greenhouse Chat

Ron McHatton


Thursday, November 7th, 2019
8:30 PM - 9:30 PM EST

Orchid Q&A

How to Buy and Grow Bulbophyllums

Charles Wilson


Tuesday, November 12th, 2019
8:30 PM - 9:30 PM EST

All about bulbophyllums

Presentation Videos
I have posted the videos from August meeting about growing Phragmipediums by Jason Fischer.
Seems like the sound is not very good.. but if you want to watch them please look for the tab that says 'Presentation Videos' on the top of our page.

Don't forget to read September minutes!!
they have been available on our website since October 9th


October Orchid Shows:

Fall Members Meeting and East Everglades Orchid Society Show & Sale

R.F. Orchids, 28100 SW 182 Ave., Homestead, FL


Fall Members Meeting and East Everglades Orchid Society Show & Sale, members meeting begins October 16, the show is being held October 18 - 20, 2019 at R.F. Orchids, 28100 SW 182 Ave., Homestead, FL

The Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens International Orchid Show

The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens, 1151 Oxford Road, San Marino, CA


The Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens International Orchid Show is being held October 18 - 20, 2019 at The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens, 1151 Oxford Road, San Marino, CA

Greater Cincinnati Orchid Show

Krohn Conservatory, 1501 Eden Park Drive, Cincinnati, OH


Greater Cincinnati Orchid Show is being held October 19 - 20, 2019 at the Krohn Conservatory, 1501 Eden Park Drive, Cincinnati, OH

Blue Ridge Orchid Society Show "Orchids and Ghosts"

Center in the Square, 1 Market St., Roanoke, VA


Blue Ridge Orchid Society Show "Orchids and Ghosts" is being held October 25 - 27, 2019 at the Center in the Square, 1 Market St., Roanoke, VA

Eastern Iowa Orchid Show & Sale

Cedar Rapids Elks Lodge #251, 801 33rd Ave. SW, Cedar Rapids, IA


Eastern Iowa Orchid Show & Sale is being held October 26 - 27, 2019 at the Cedar Rapids Elks Lodge #251, 801 33rd Ave. SW, Cedar Rapids, IA

Michiana Orchid Society Fall Show

Holy Cross College, 54515 State Road 933 North, Notre Dame, IN


Michiana Orchid Society Fall Show is being held October 26 - 27, 2019 at the Holy Cross College, 54515 State Road 933 North, Notre Dame, IN

Gabriel Guerrero-Savage
OOS Webmaster

September 2019


- Hello everybody.
If you're like me, probably you have been procrastinating or not having enough time to repot your orchids. Days are getting shorter, we still have hot temperatures and our orchids are still actively growing, so lets make some time and give those poor 'chids some fresh potting media!
Our meeting is this coming Sunday the 15th 1:00 pm at the Will Rogers Garden Exhibition Center. 3400 NW 36th St. Oklahoma City, OK. 
in the Exhibit Hall.


For this month's meeting we have Christopher Steele from Palaropa ( and presenting "Growing Orchids in Polyester Fabric"  slide presentation/demo and Q&A

Don't forget to read August minutes!
Here's the link:

AOS Orchid Culture Checklist for the Months of September - October

In Memoriam
As you probably know our dear friend and long time OOS member Jackie Parker passed away last August 27th.
She will be dearly missed.
Here's the obituary:

Dr. Jackie Horton Parker

Iowa Park - Dr. Jackie Horton Parker, 78, of Iowa Park, passed away on Tuesday, August 27, 2019.

Funeral services will be at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, August 31, 2019, at St. Paul Lutheran Church with Pastor Richard Cody officiating. Visitation will be at Lunn's Colonial Funeral Home from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. on Friday August 30th. Arrangements are under the direction of Lunn's Colonial Funeral Home.

A daughter of the late Mary Edna (Virden) and Sidney W. Horton, Jackie was born on December 20, 1940, in Norton, Texas. She graduated from Norton High School as Salutatorian and went on to graduate from Oklahoma State University with a degree in Veterinary Medicine in 1967. After an internship, she began working for the USDA as a veterinary meat inspector, certifying the health of animals for human consumption. She retired after almost 45 years of service. African violets, houseplants, and orchids became a hobby, and she and her husband were involved for many years in The First African Violet Society of Wichita Falls, Houseplants Unlimited, The Benson Iris Society, The Red River Orchid Society and the national Iris and Orchid societies. Jackie was enamored of homeless animals, especially cats and dogs, who she tamed from the wild and made family pets. She was a faithful attendee of St. Paul Lutheran Church and helped in that church's endeavors for Interfaith Ministries, First Step, Faith Mission and other activities as needs were made known.

Along with her parents, Jackie was also preceded in death by her brother, Steve Toledo Horton and brother-in-law, Danny McCright.

She is survived by her husband, William Kenneth Parker, Jr; daughter, Catherine Chance, her husband Danny and son Andrew; son, William K. Parker, III, his wife Karen and children Hilary, Danielle and Nathan; her sisters, Flo McCright; and Nicola Conner and husband Joe; and several nieces and nephews.

For those desiring, memorial contributions may be sent to St. Paul Lutheran Church, 1417 11th Street, Wichita Falls, TX 76301.

Condolences may be sent to the family at


Published in The Times Record News from Aug. 29 to Aug. 30, 2019

Gabriel Guerrero-Savage
OOS Webmaster

August 2019

- Hello everyone.
After 4 days of temperatures above the triple digits, I'm sure everybody is enjoying the lower temperatures after the rain we had on Tuesday morning!
My Vandas on my front porch sure liked the heat and humidity, they're growing lots and roots and I hope I get rewarded with some blooms!


From our Vice President.

Hi Everyone,

I would like to invite (and let everyone know) that Jason Fischer of Orchids Limited will be the Sunday, August 18th speaker at the Oklahoma Orchid Society Monthly Meeting.  He will be speaking on Phragmipedium Breeding and Culture, along with some new orchid growing techniques and demonstrations. 

Jason will be offering a 10% discount and NO shipping cost for Pre-Orders to be picked up at the meeting (see more info on how to order below).  He also will be bringing discounted sales plants for purchase.

We also want to invite all our neighboring Orchid Societies to attend and/or participate in this great event there is plenty of room for everyone so please come and enjoy his presentations.  (Please don't miss out on this opportunity to hear Jason’s presentations and get a great price break on his spectacular plants)

Date & Time:
Sunday, August 18th, 2019 at 1:00 PM

Will Rogers Garden Center Exhibition Hall 
3400 NW 36th St
Oklahoma City, OK 
(405) 297-1392  

Plant Preorder information: 
10% discount for preorders and no shipping cost. 
All orders must be picked up at the meeting. 
Call:  1-763-559-6425 (mention the discount for the Oklahoma Orchid Society Meeting when ordering). 
His website is

Please feel free to email me with any questions.

Jay Simon

Oklahoma Orchid Society Vice President


About our Speaker for this month:

Jason Fischer of Orchids Ltd. Bio

Jason Fischer helps manage Orchids Limited in Plymouth, Minnesota USA with his father Jerry Fischer. Orchids Ltd. opened in 1978. Orchids Ltd. is a mid-sized operation of 4 greenhouses with 15,000 square feet of growing space, a shade house, and laboratory located in Plymouth, MN.

Jason has had a life-long education in orchids mainly from the opportunity to be raised in a family orchid business. Jason’s educational interests were strongly influenced by Japan. He studied the Japanese language and culture for 6 years in high school and at the University of Minnesota. Jason lived in Kyoto, Japan from 2001 to 2003, and upon return decided to import Japanese orchid species and add a new niche to the business.

Having worked for his father since the age of 5, Jason has learned the orchid world from the business and hobbyists perspective. He took interest in orchid hybridization and lab work around 14 years of age, and first started breeding with phalaenopsis, which later on lead to paphs, phrags and miscellaneous hybrids.

Jason’s first lecture on Neofinetia falcata at the Minnesota Orchid Society in 2004 was the kick-off for an amazing journey of lectures across America and Canada. He has a passion for orchids, and the communication skills he developed in Japan as an English teacher have helped him create interesting lectures that won’t put the audience to sleep.

Jason enjoys photographing orchids in situ, and has photographed orchids in situ in Japan, North America, Singapore, Malaysia and Western Australia. His main interests include hybridizing Vanda falcata varieties and Phragmipedium.

- Experience:

-Has lectured for over 40 different orchid societies in the US, Japan, Canada, Australia & New Zealand.

-Speaker for the 19th & 20th World Orchid Conferences in Miami & Singapore

-Speaker at 19th Australian Orchid Council Conference 2012, Perth

-Speaker for the 7th New Zealand National Orchid Expo 2013

-Coordinated the Orchids Limited laboratory from 1998 to 2000

-Currently in management, breeding and marketing for Orchids Limited

- Books

- Our Treasurer Allen Koch just told me that we still have books available from last month the regular price from the AOS is $24.95 but you can have it for only $14.00.
I'm gonna get one myself!
Don't forget to visit our treasurer this coming Sunday and get a copy of this very informative and useful book. 

With about 28,000 known orchid species and many thousands of hybrids to choose from, selecting the right orchid for your growing conditions can be challenging. This richly illustrated book will assist you in finding the information you need to select orchids that are right for you wherever you grow them. This book covers the basics of orchid culture including sections on light, water, temperature, humidity, fertilizer, and specific culture information on the popular groups of orchids. You will find information on when and how to repot, orchid mounting, and how to grow orchids semihydroponically. There is a section on common orchid pests and diseases, and the Orchid Doctor answers many frequently asked questions. Featuring more than 450  color photographs, The American Orchid Society Guide to Orchids and their Culture covers everything you need to know to grow orchids successfully.

Orchid Care:
Orchid Culture checklist for the month of August

See you all soon!
Gabriel Guerrero-Savage
OOS Webmaster


July 2019

Hello everyone, our next meeting is this coming Sunday 21 at the Will Rogers Garden Exhibition Center, 3400 Nw 36th St. OKC, OK. at 1:00 pm
This month we're having a special treat and I'm sure y'all been waiting anxiously for this meeting.

All our neighboring Orchid Societies are invited to attend and/or participate and for that reason the meeting will be held in the Main Exhibit Hall.
Peter T. Lin  of Diamond Orchids will be our guest speaker doing both Green Growers and the main Presentation.

Peter’s Presentations:
1:00pm Green Growers: "Miscellaneous Orchid Culture with Q&A)
2:00pm Main Presentation: "Mini Catts: Delightful Cattleyas in Miniature"

About Peter:
"Peter started growing orchids over 35 years ago, but then stopped due to school and starting a career.  It wasn't until about 14 years ago that the orchid "bug" came back and he is now heavily involved once again!  He is an accredited judge with the American Orchid Society, and a hybridizer of mini-catts.  He enjoys meeting with other orchid enthusiasts, and can often be found at various orchid shows and societies around the country.

Due to limited growing space, Peter likes to specialize in miniature orchids, both species and hybrids, and has received numerous AOS awards.  His interests in orchids include Dendrobiums, Angraecoids, and Neofinetias.  He is also known as "Mr Sophronitis" as he has a passion for growing and collecting them.  He maintains a collection of a thousand or more orchids at his home in Southern California in 3 small greenhouses, outdoors, as well as an offsite greenhouse."

Hope to see you this coming Sunday, it's gonna be great!

Orchid Care:
AOS Monthly Checklist for July and August

Gabriel Guerrero-Savage.
OOS Webmaster.


June 2019

Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing well.
Sunday June 16th at 1:00 pm is our next meeting at the Will Rogers Garden Exhibition Center 3400 NW 36th St. OKC, OK.  (room 1)
Brian Truong will be doing the presentations:
Green Growers: "Orchid Repotting Fun" and instead of a presentation, we will have a "Hands-on Dividing and Repotting Orchids"
**Please bring your orchids to practice on.
There will be some orchid media and pots available if you don't have any on hand.
(otherwise feel free to bring a pot and media)
Here you have a link to the AOS Orchid Care Checklist for the months of May-June


April 2019

Hello everyone!
As we were told on past meetings, o
ur April meeting is this coming Sunday the 14th at 1:00 pm at the Will Rogers Garden Exhibition Center.
We are NOT meeting on the 21st, which is Easter Sunday.

For Green Growers: "Registering and Displaying our Orchids for the Annual Show" will be presented by Jana Butcher and Carolyn McCabe followed by Hands-on experience for registering and displaying our show orchids.
**Members are encouraged to bring several orchids for this practice on how to display orchids properly

This month I got an email from a new OOS member (or potential new member?), Marie Mihara who submitted a couple of pictures of one of her orchids. 


Pleurothallis grobyii
Marie Mihara   

To read last month's minutes please click on the link below.

Y'all have fun!
Gabriel Guerrero-Savage
OOS Webmaster

March 2019
AOS Magazine March's Cover 

Hello everybody.
Our next meeting is this coming Sunday 17th at the Will Rogers Garden Exhibition Center at 1:00 pm
Nancy Capps will be presenting
"Corsages - How-to and hands-on training for Annual Show" for Green Growers and "Orchid Arrangements training for Annual Show" for this month's meeting. 
I forgot to add a link to an online free course last month so I'm adding it here:

"Everything About Orchids"
(Available through May 6 2019) 

 In case you missed this very important message from Jana:

"Hello OOS Members……OOS is sponsoring a 2 hour class on basic orchid care as part of our community service/rental agreement with the parks department.  Please share the below with friends and family.  It does require that they register so we know how many to plan for……but it is free.  Thanks!  Jana"


And the links shared by Doug from last meeting:

          Hanna Instruments pH/EC/TDS meter HI98129


I will not be able to attend to our meeting again.
Have fun y'all!

Gabriel Guerrero-Savage



February 2019

Our next meeting is this coming Sunday 17
Douglas C. Needham will be presenting "Water Quality and Media Relations" so don't forget a sample of your tap water to get it tested.
Doug is also presenting "Integrated Pest Management"
Douglas C. Needham Ph. D., V.M.M 
Doug is a new OOS member. Doug was formerly professor of floriculture at OSU Stillwater, where he taught many horticulture courses, including Greenhouse Management, during his tenure of nearly 20 years.
Doug will be featured on Oklahoma Gardening February 16; doing a segment on Phalaenopsis general care.
Everyone please tune in or set your DVRs to record.

Our Meeting Schedule has been updated so visit that page on our OOS website and don't forget to read January's minutes before our meeting.
Click on the link below to read January's minutes
See you soon!
OOS Webmaster 


January 2019


Hello fellow Orchid growers!
I hope everybody had a wonderful time during the Holidays.
As you know our next meeting is this coming Sunday 20th at 1:00 pm. 
I heard that we might get bad weather all weekend.. but it's Oklahoma, so who knows, right?!
So I suggest y'all stay tuned and check your email the day before our meeting just in case that our OOS officers decide to cancel our meeting.

Here you have the Monthly check list for January and February from the American Orchid Society's website. 
Visit the AOS website, there's a lot of great information you can read there.

Our friend Brian Truong sent me a few pictures of his beautiful orchids in bloom and asked me to share them with you all.
Aren't they beautiful?
Hope to see you soon!