June 10th  2018

The green growers meeting was called to order at 1:10 pm. Keith Warren introduced Jana Butcher and Gerry Holland with their program. Repotting Orchids.
High light points of this program discussed:
Various potting mediums.
When to repot your orchid
Various watering patterns used.
Mounting was mentioned.
Use of Styrofoam packing peanuts was mention.
Different pot sizes was presented

The regular business meeting was called by Johnita Turner at 2pm.
The meeting had 4 new members and 1 guest attending. The new members signed up at the Orchid Show.
The membership welcomed their attendance.
Committe reports:
Treasurer report - Allen Koch reported on the bank balance as of close of Business
May 31, 2018   $27,857.70 
Allen reported that the Show Report (2018)  was not available yet.  All bills have not been received and paid.
The Festival Report will be available in the future.  OOS made small profit.
Other standard reports:
OKC Garden Council - No report, closed for summer.
AOS report - no report.
Orchid Digest - no report.
Great Plains Judging Center - No report.  The monthly meeting is not until the following Saturday.
Misc. Report: - Jana Butcher presented a list of dates reserved at the Will Rogers Garden Center.
President Report - Johnita talked about volunteer hours. It was noted that the calendar year for Will Rogers close June 30, 2018 at 11:59 pm.
Hours for 2019 close at that time. We need to do more volunteer hours to help pay for the 2019 Show.
The Throphy OOS won at the Tulsa Show was presented.
Old Business - no report.
New Business - The following OOS show procedure change was introduced.
A new show procedure was introduced to the membership.
To be able to exhibit ypur plant(s) in the Oklahoma Orchid Society exhibit
(Society or Group Class (es)) all exhibitors must be current on dues payment.
As outlined by the OOS ByLaws dues payment year is January 1st through December 31st of the current year.
The motion was voted upon and passed by the membership.

Jackie Parker discussed the upcoming Red River Orchid Society Annual Summer Picnic
and the membership of the OOS were invited.

The meeting adjourned around 3:45 pm.

Minutes submitted by Allen Koch as acting secretary.
July 12th 2018  2:03 am

Gabriel Guerrero-Savage
OOS Webmaster.


February 18th 2018

AOS Webinar of a Q&A session on various orchid issues with questions submitted by viewers.

Johnita Turner called the regular meeting to order.

January minutes were approved.
Allen Koch presented the treasurers report and it was approved.

There was no old business.

There will be a tour to Bustani Plant Farm in Stillwater through the Garden Council the second week in April. More information later.
Festival in the Park is May 19th.
The Garden Council plant sale is at the end of April and they are asking for donated plants.
There was no Orchid Digest report.
Carolyn reported on SWROGA Tulsa Show.  OOS needs plants to use in our display at the show. The Show is April 21 and 22.
Jana reminded everyone of the need for silent auction items and old AOS magazines to give away at the OOS May show.
Members were again asked to review the sign up sheets for volunteers at the OOS May show.
Candy will be doing the show installation for OOS and will need plants for the show by 1:00 on Friday before the show.
Johnita discussed the credit system the Garden Center will be using to give OOS credits toward rental costs in the future.
Regular business meeting was closed.

Keith introduced business OOS members Brian, Lowell, Burrel and Bill who participated in a panel discussion of questions submitted by the attending members and guests.

Show and Tell.

Minutes provide by Carol Ash.
OOS Secretary.


January 21st 2018


PBS video "Plants Behaving Badly" reflecting on the unusual ways in which orchids and other plants trick insect, moths, bats, etc into acting as pollinators.

Refreshments were birthday cake and ice cream in honor of Burrel Gambel's 97th birthday.  Carolyn made a beautiful cake decorated with orchids.

Jonnita Turner called to order.
Jana Butcher was recognized for her service the past few years as OOS President.  She was presented with gifts from the club.  It was announced that she is the new incoming President of SWROGA.

Minutes from the last meeting were presented and accepted by voice vote.
Treasurers report was presented and accepted by voice vote.
Two guests were welcomed.

AOS report presented  by Howard Brown.  OOS donated $100 to the AOS fundraiser in December.  The $40,000 goal was reached.

Orchid Digest report given by Burrel Gambel.

SWROGA regional show will be in Tulsa April 21st and 22nd. Carolyn asked for flowers to send to the show and encouraged OOS members to attend the show.  Jana Butcher discussed conservation efforts by SWROGA and there was discussion of the OOS logo to be used in "OrchiGami" handout.

Business meeting was closed.

The program for this month was presented by Keith Warren. He introduced the members to the websites he has found very helpful. 
www.orchidboard.com and www.orchidspecies.com were shown.

Raffle and Show and Tell were completed and the meeting adjourned.

Minutes provided by Carol Ash.
OOS secretary.


November 18th 2017

This month's meeting was held in Chickasha, at the Presbyterian Church where Burrel Gambel is a member. Before the meeting we were treated to a tour of Burrel's greenhouse at his home. At the church following the greenhouse tour the members enjoyed pizza and drinks and had a great time visiting before the meeting.

Jana called the meeting to order. 4 visitors and 25 members were in attendance.

The October meeting minutes and treasurer's report were presented and accepted by voice vote.

1. Discussion of the Garden Center's new contract which has not yet been signed and received by the society, but should be completed soon.  There was discussion of the volunteer hours that will credited towards the rental fees for meeting space.
Tracking of hours of member volunteers will be done by the City, and Keith Warren will track them as well. More information on volunteer duties needed and tracking will be communicated later.

2.  The Show Poster choices were voted on.

3.  SWROGA Show in Fort Worth was successful and OOS received  many awards. The next SWROGA  show will be in Tulsa.

4.  2018 officer nominees  were: Johnita Turner, President;  Keith Warren, Vice President;  Carol Ash, Secretary;  Allen Koch, Treasurer.
     All were elected by voice vote.


  • Treasurer Allen Koch announced that annual dues for 2008 can be paid now.
  • A beautiful vanda was auctioned by Carolyn McCabe.
  • The OOS Christmas Party will be held at Johnita Turner's home on December 16th at 5:30ish 
    Bring pot luck dish and a Dirty Santa orchid themed gift, $15.00 minimum value. An invitation will be sent by e-mail to members later.
  • The Red River Orchid Society Christmas Party will be held at the Parker's home in Iowa Park, TX. on December 9th around noon.
    The greenhouse should be open around 10:00 am. Bring covered dish and Dirty Santa Gift valued around $15.00
  • Christmas lighting at the OKC Garden Center will be November 26th at 5:30 pm in the glass house. OOS will have a table.
  • Burrel Gambel gave away tickets and raffled a Molly Tyler Cattleya.
  • Howard Brown gave the Great Plains Judging report and the AOS report.
  • Burrel gave the Orchid Digest report.
  • Johnita reported on the OK Garden Council.
  • The OOS donation to the AOS conservation effort was the top donation received and the OOS will receive recognition.
  • 2018 Show will end on Sunday of the show at 3:00 pm instead of 4:00 pm to give volunteers more time to break down the show and clean the venue in time to leave the building.
  • Jana closed the meeting.

    Minutes provided by Carol Ash.
                   OOS Secretary


October 15th 2017

Sarah Pratt of Timbucktoo Orchids was guest speaker for Green Growers. She presented "Five Things I Hate about Orchids" which was informative as well as humorous.

Jana Butcher called the regular meeting to order. Minutes and treasurer's report from the September meeting were presented and accepted by voice vote.

There were 23 members and 2 guests in attendance.

Old Business:

  • The Garden Center agreement has been signed and the system for tracking volunteer hours will be finalized and reported at a later meeting.
  • The nominations committee for 2018 officers is requesting nominations to be sent to Lowell McCabe or Howard Brown.
    The current nominees include:
    President: Johnita Turner, VP: Keith Warren, Treasurer: Allen Koch and Secretary: Carol Ash. 
  • ​​​Entries for the 2018 Show Poster are needed.  Theme "Discovering Orchids".  Prize: $25 vendor coupon or free banquet ticket.
  • ​​Johnita is taking orders from OOS shirts today only. There will be no more orders.
  • SWROGA Show in  Fort Worth - plants are needed for the OOS exhibit. Members can get their plants to Johnita or Jana  by Thursday November 2nd.  E-mail Jana with the plant tag name so tags and labels of the orchids can be prepared in advance.

New Business:

  •  Carolyn asked for consideration of a donation to SWROGA for conservation efforts in the amount of $500. Sarah Pratt, today's speaker, is donating her speaker fee to conservation fund.
    Member voted to make the donation.
  • Gabe has added new items to the website including videos.
  • The november meeting will be a green house tour at Burrel Gambel's home in Chickasha on November 18 at 1:00 pm, which is a Saturday. The meeting and lunch provided by OOS will be held afterwards at the Presbyterian Church of Chickasha.  A map with directions was available and will be included on OOS website. Let Jana know if a ride is needed; carpools will beset up if needed, to Chickasha.
  • The Christmas party will be held at Johnita's home on December 16 at 5:30ish.
  • Howard Brown gave the Great Plains Judging report.
  • Burrel gave the Orchid Digest report.
  • Michael Friday Gave the conservation Report
  • The Garden Center three lighting will be November 26th and the OOS will have a table in the glass house adjacent to the Garden Center.
  • The 2018 Show help list was passed around and Jana asked for volunteers for advertising. Other areas needing volunteers were outlined.
  • Carolyn will provides cups, plates, etc., for upcoming meetings.
  • Jana closed the meeting.
  • Sarah Pratt gave "Oncidium Alliance" presentation.
  • Show & Tell and raffle completed the meeting.



September 17th 2017


  • Green Growers: Keith Warren introduced Dr Dotty Woodson of D and B Orchids in Forth Worth as our presenter.

She has B.S. and M.S. degrees in horticulture from Tarleton State University and a Doctoral degree from Texas A&M University and Texas Tech University.  Dr. Woodson specializes in landscape water conservation, rainwater harvesting and irrigation efficiency.

Her presentation was "Don't Throw Away that Orchid"

Gabriel Guerrero-Savage recorded the presentation and it will be available on YouTube.


The meeting was called to order by Pres. Jana Butcher.  There were 20 members present.

Minutes from the July meeting, as well as the Treasurer's report were discussed with no changes.  Motions were made to accept, the motions were seconded, and both reports were accepted by voice vote.


  • OLD BUSINESS:  The Parks Department approved the contract and it now goes to the City Council for final approval.

Johnita is still taking orders for long-sleeve shirts embroidered with the OOS logo at $23 each, prepaid.

Suggestions for the 2018 show theme were voted on. The Theme will be "Discovering Orchids".


  • NEW BUSINESS:  A get well card was passed around for Valerie Jennings - all offered best wishes and quick recovery.

    Officer Nominations Committee will be Lowell McCabe and Howard Brown.  They will present preliminary officer slate at the October meeting.  Nominations for President, VP, Secretary and Treasurer are to mad to them.  We will vote on the 2018 officers at the November meeting.

    Shows scheduled for Kansas and Forth Worth (SWROGA) were discussed.

    Howard Brown gave the Great Plains Judging Center report and the AOS report.

    No Orchid Digest report.
    No Conservation update.

    OOS 2018 show will be May 11 - May 13, 2018.  Volunteer sign up lists were passed around for anyone to sign up for various chores.

    Jana reminded everyone that there will be a competition again this year for the show poster.
    An email will be sent to all re: what needs to be contained in the poster.  Email or regular mail entries to Jana.  Show Poster will be voted on the November meeting.

    ​The business meeting was adjourned.

    Dr. Woodson gave a very interesting presentation on Lady's Slipper Orchids and issues with growing these were discussed including light, water, temperature, etc.  Dr. Woodson has a DVD available titled "Growing Orchids Made Easy" and a link can be found on their Facebook page D&B Orchids.

    Raffle and Show and Tell ended the meeting.


August 20th 2017


*There was no Green Growers today.
After a delay due to technical difficulties it was decided to go ahead with business meeting and then straight to guest speaker Jack Heflin.
Our guest Jack and Elenia Heflin from Tulsa were introduced. They're members of both the Tulsa and Ozark Orchid Societies.
Jack's talk w
as titled "Adapting Your Environment to Match Your Orchid's Natural Habitat" and discussed varying natural environments around the world and how this affects growing orchids in challenging places in homes and/or greenhouses.


Allen Koch directed the meeting this month in Jana Butcher's absence.

There were 17 members and 2 guests present.

  • Allen called the meeting to order.
  • The minutes from July meeting were presented. Motion was made and seconded to accept the secretary's report and it was carried by acclamation.
  • The treasurer's report was read and a club balance of $27,644.50 was presented for July 31, 2017. Motion was made to accept, and the motion was seconded and carried by acclamation.


  • The contract has been sign with the city for 3 years, retroactive to July 1, 2017.
  • The contract year will run from July to June annually.
  • Volunteer hours already performed will be counted back to July 1.
  • The schedule for meetings and show dates has been set for 3 years.
  • Fees for the large room that we have been using, have been paid trough August, 2018.
  • Due to an increase in the cost of renting the room we currently use, in September 2018 OOS will move across the hall to a smaller room and meetings will then be held there.
  • The large room will continue to be used for annual shows.
  • Johnita showed the shirts that are for sale with embroidered OOS logo, at cost of $23.00 each, paid in advance.
  • Show theme for 2018 suggestions are still being asked for, and Jana asked that suggestions be sent to her by the September meeting for consideration.


  • Gabriel asked that if anyone changes their e-mail address to please notify him so he can keep everyone abreast of news, notices,etc.


  • Forth Worth SWROGA show will be November 4 and 5 at the Forth Worth Botanical Gardens. The Kansas City will be the same dates. SWROGA registration forms for the Forth Worth show are available on their website along with the list of hotels and motels in the area.
  • Howard Brown gave the judging and AOS report.
  • There was no OKC Garden Council report.
  • There was no Orchid Digest report.
  • There was no conservation report.
  • Reminder was given for everyone who is able to sign up to volunteer at the 2018 Mother's Day Show.

    The meeting was adjourned.

    August minutes provided by Carol Ash.



July 16th 2017


Green growers presentation was "Repotting a Large Specimen Orchid" by Dr. Kay Backues, president of the Tulsa Orchid Society and veterinarian at the Tulsa Zoo. She repotted a very large cattleya orchid and discussed medium, fertilizer, water, etc.  21 members were in attendance.


  • Meeting was called to order by Jana Butcher. Visitors were welcomed.
  • The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted and approved by acclamation.
  • The treasure's report was presented by Allen Koch, accepted and approved by acclamation.
  • An update on the Garden Center rental fee increase, including 2018 show cost increase by the Oklahoma City Parks department was given.
    Volunteer hours being applied to the rental fees was discussed.
  • Valerie Jennings will be  unable to continue as secretary of the OOS for the remainder of her term in 2017.
    Carol Ash agreed to complete Valerie's term.
  • Some officers will be unavailable for the August meeting and Allen Koch will lead that meeting.
  • SWROGA, Great Plains Judging and AOS reports were given
    The Tulsa Orchid Society Show will be April 21 and 22, 2018
    SWROGA Show in Fort Worth, TX. will be November 4 and 5, 2017.
  • 2 Vanda Orchids were auctioned, netting $75.00 for the OOS.
  • Johnita is taking orders with prepayment required, for blue chambray or khaki shirts with the OOS logo on the breast.
    She had samples to view and the price for the members is $23.00 each.
  • Sherwood, on behalf of the OOS, presented Johnita with 2 rare orchids and a framed collection of photos, along with a poem
    written by 
    Sherwood in appreciation for all that Johnita has done in dealing with the parks department on behalf of the OOS.
  • The theme for the 2018 show was discussed. Any suggestions should be sent to Jana Butcher and vote will be taken at the
    September Meeting to select a theme.
  • Meeting was closed around 4 o'clock.

    July's  Minutes provided by Carol Ash.




June 18th 2017

I.      Meeting was called to order by Jana Butcher.
II.     Twenty three (23) people were present including 4 new members.
III.    Minutes of the last meeting were approved without changes.
IV.    Treasure's report was approved without changes. $27,644.48
V.     Old business: None
VI.    New Business:
         a.   The new rates for meeting and show venue were discussed. A vote was taken and passed to
                meet in the large meeting room (room 1) instead of the Great Hall beginning in August 2018.
         b.    a proposed amendment to the Bylaws was submitted to the members accordingly: in the 
                event of dissolution of the Oklahoma Orchid Society any and all assets above liabilities shall
                accrue to the SWROGA at its current address. In the event that the SWROGA has dissolved,
                any and all assets above liabilities shall accrue to the American Orchid Society at its current 
                After discussion the amendment passed.
VII.    Green growers.- Brian Truong and Gerry Holland presented a very thorough program on how to  
                                     repot an orchid.
             Great Plains.-  Judging was in Winfield, KS. There were 13 submitted and 6 were awarded.
                         AOS.-   Howard discussed the advantages of an AOS membership along with valuable
                                      information found in the Orchid magazine. He pointed out that a certificate worth
                                      $30 off of a $100 orchid order is given by AOS with a two year membership.

           Orchid Digest.-   No report.

                SWROGA.-    No report

VIII.    The general meeting was a continuation of the repotting program with a hands-on session.
IX.      There were a large number of raffle plants and a large Vanda and a Paph were auctioned.
X.       Meeting was adjourned around 4 o'clock.

June's Minutes provided by Carolyn McCabe.

March 19th 2017


I. The meeting was called to order by Jana Butcher in the newly renovated Will Rogers garden center.

II. Minutes were approved without changes.

III. The Treasure’s report was approved without changes. $27,896.13

IV. Old business:

a. Several of our members attended the SWROGA show in Tyler, Tx. at the end of March and this past weekend we had members at the Tulsa show. If you have the opportunity, go to one of the shows they truly are a lot of fun.

b. Our lighting committee was able find just the right lighting system for our exhibits. They did

at great job finding the bulbs that aren’t too hot and would show the true color of the flowers in the exhibit.

c. It was decided to keep the logo that we have been using for many years. It is the one that we have on our t-shirts.

V. New business:

a. Garden Center- Karen Marichal helped at the garden center last month and accrued 8 hours of ‘pay’ for the club. A group of 5 to 7 people planted 5,000 plants. If everyone could give 2 or more hours maybe we can use our hours to ‘pay’ our monthly rent.

b. Monthly meetings- We need to have more participation in setting up and tearing down the chairs/tables for our meetings. The same people end up doing most of the setup although we do have more help in the teardown.

c. Garden Club- April 22, plant sale, bring your plants by 9am labeled and with a picture of the flower if possible.

d. April meeting-Sun, April 30 is to be held at the McCabes and we will be learning

about how to setup a show. Bring a plant.

e. Great Plains judging- was held in Kansas, there were 7 plants submitted and 2 awards.

f. Conservation- no report

It was decided to offer Charles Hess a free table for our May show.

g. SWROGA- the next SWROGA is in Tulsa, April 22nd & 23rd.

h. Auction- One plant auctioned; Princess Picassa $50

i. Orchid Digest- no report

j. May show- help

1. the vendors that are judging

2. setup with the exhibits – the Ashes

3. clerking for the judges

4. participating in Orchid in Use

5. bring your plants in bloom

6. banquet will be at Nancy’s Lighthouse

7. show auction-we need donations

8. still need food items, Sunday we will pass around the sheet

k. Green Growers- Jana put on a great presentation, Growing Orchids in the House;

The next presentation was Growing and Repotting Paphiopedilums.

VI. Meeting was adjourned around 4 pm

 Valerie Jennings - OOS Secretary


February 19th 2017

I.  Meeting called to order by Jana Butcher.
    The meeting took place at Will Rogers Senior Center.

II.  Thirty-six (36) people were present including 4 new members.

III.  Minutes of the last meeting were approved without changes.

IV.  Treasurer's report was approved without changes. $26,899.14.

V.  Old business:
     a. The club voted on  and unanimously approved two hundred dollars to buy a new refrigerator for the remodeled Garden Center.
     b. Thanks to Karen Marichal for organizing the bus trip to Kansas, and Gabriel for taking on the job of Web Master.

VI. New Business:
     a. April 22 the Garden Clubs are holding a sale, plants need to be at the Garden Center by 9 am Saturday morning.
         We need plants! We need the name of the plants and a picture of the flower (if available).
     b. SWROGA show in Tyler, Texas, Friday March 31st is set up day, the show will start April 1st and 2nd.

VII. Green Growers - 'Growing Under Fluorescent Lights' a webinar by Steve Frowine.
      Great Plains judging was in Winfield, KS. There were 13 submitted and 3 were awarded.

       AOS - Howard discussed the advantages of an AOS membership along with the valuable information found in the Orchid magazine. February's issue has        help with pronunciation and botanical terms.
       Orchid Digest - Burrel talked about the 4th quarter special edition of Orchid Digest containing more than 70 pages of pictures and information about the            catasetum tribe.

       Mike Friday is getting together with Charles Hess to discuss conservation issues. He will get back with us.

       Mother's Day Show and Sale - May 12, 13 and 14. Bring your plants for the show Friday.

VIII. Jana introduced our special speaker, Burrel Gambel, we celebrated his 96th birthday. We had a beautiful cake made and decorated by our very own                Carolyn. As usual we also had a delicious array of snacks and drinks.

IX.   We had two tables full of beautiful orchids for our Show and Tell brought in by several of our members. We also had many raffle plants and several                   people allowed our guests/new members to pick a plant.

X.    There were two specimen plants for auction.

XI.   Meeting adjourned around 4 o'clock.

                                                                                                 Valerie Jennings - OOS Secretary

January 15th 2017

January's meeting was canceled due to weather 

The treasurer's report ending 01-31-17 is $26,899.14
For the exciting details please attend the monthly club meeting  2-19-17

Allen Koch
OOS Treasurer




                                                                               Oklahoma Orchid Society
                                                                                Growing Better Orchids
                                                                                    November 20, 2016
                                                                           Bus Tour and Meeting Minutes


I.    Meeting took place at Southwestern College in Winfield, Kansas. The meeting was called to order  by Jana Butcher.

II.   Minutes of the last meeting were approved without changes.

III.  Treasurer’s Report was approved without changes. $26,000 plus.

IV.  Announcement.
       Pizza for everyone. Really good and still warm.

V.   Nominating Committee.
        Slate of officers.
      President - Jana Butcher.
      Vice President - Keith Warren.
      Secretary - Valerie Jennings.
      Treasurer - Allen Koch.

     - Jana said she would notifiy those not present by email.
     - Johnita said we had Quorum.
     - A vote was taken and the slate was elected.

VI.   AOS Report.   No report
       Orchid Digest. No report.

VII.  Announcements.
        - Jana Notified us that our floor exhibit won a trophy for Best Small Floor exhibit in Shreveport Louisiana.
          Congrats and thanks for all who helped put the exhibit together.
        - Jana noted that almost every flower in our exhibit had a ribbon.
          Two trophys were awarded.
        - SWROGA next show is Tyler April 1 and 2.
        - Great Plains. 5 orchids were awarded
        - Garden Council. 
           Johnita reported that the clubs and Societies have about reached an agreement with Oklahoma City.
           We can earn creadits for our club meeting costs by volunteering at Will Rogers. These hours worked will off-set
           the cost of our hourly rental fees.
           Please come help decorate the Christmas tree and come to the lighting ceremony on the 26th at 6 PM at Will Rogers.
           We will have a table at the Lighting Event. Maybe we will pick up some new members.

VIII.  Old business.
           The three posters entered for our May show were presented and a vote was taken.
           The poster Contest was won by Andy Harding.

         Tour of the green houses at the Southwestern College in Kansas.
           Bryon Rinke and Max Thompson gave us a great tour. There were orchid and Poinsettias for sale.
           We all came home with our arms full and had a great day. Spent our money quickly so we were able to catch the bus early.
           When we arrived home, we all stood for a group photo.