How to Host (Chair) a Show




Everything You Wanted


To Know About Chairing


A Show But Didn’t Know


Who to Ask.

Some Suggestions on How to Use This Book


This book should be turned over to the next year’s Show Chair as soon as selection is made.


It is recommended that a copy of the applicable section be provided to each Committee Chair as soon as they accept the task.  Depending on the size of your show, tasks can be combined.


The contents should be kept in tact; however additions and corrections should be made as deemed necessary.


The examples and suggestions as well as the electronic copy in Microsoft word format should be updated as required.


Last but not least, a copy of the most current Handbook on Judging and Exhibition should be acquired.  Part II of the Handbook is entitled “Exhibition” and contains valuable suggestions for Show Chairs, Committee Chairs, and Exhibitors.  (The AOS Handbook can be purchased on line at


Enjoy, and, above all, keep an open mind and a sense of humor!!




Chairing an Orchid Society AOS Judged Show and Sale


The information contained herein is intended to be a help-aid for the Show Chair and Co-Chair, Show Committee Chairs, Show Subcommittee Members and other interested society members.  The suggestions referenced within are just that – suggestions.  As you use the book, you may want to include some examples for future show chairs, such as past show schedules, etc.  Hopefully, this booklet will provide an outline and a checklist that will lead to a successful experience of being a SHOW CHAIR.


A show’s obligations are most effectively accomplished when delegated to a show chair and co-chair, show committee and specific subcommittees, thus organizing the functions of the show into separate departments.  The various committees must work out each task on a step-by-step basis.


Provisions must be made for coordinating and controlling the various committees.  For this purpose the Show Chair is the chief executive of the show.  The show committee should have frequent meetings that all chairs and their committees can attend.  Progress reports at committee meetings are the best method for exchanging information.  Functions not otherwise assigned are the Show Chair’s responsibility.  Because the work of any one committee inevitably impinges on others, the importance of coordination and communication cannot be overemphasized.


The following suggestions will aid in the flow of information: Make regular progress reports to your society at its meetings and through its newsletter.  Cooperate with your society’s program chair to include one or two programs or study sessions on staging, grooming plants, and classification and entry for the members.  Prepare copies of all correspondence, sending one copy immediately to the Show Chair.  Finally, all committee chairs should prepare a report that details the duties of their committees and any problems encountered, along with recommendations for the next show.


Because shows are commonly held at regular intervals, continuity as well as advance preparation and training are well served if an assistant or co-chair is named who can be chair of the succeeding show.  This person should also be assigned specific duties for the current effort.  A copy of the American Orchid Society Handbook on Judging and Exhibition should be acquired and the section on Exhibition should be perused.  (The Handbook can be purchased from AOS on-line at


A Show Chair and possibly a Co-Chair for the next year’s show and sale should be selected at the Year-End Society General Meeting.


The Show Chair should select a Show Committee as soon as possible after being selected.


Communication with prospective volunteers is a must.  Don’t assume that Committee Chairs or members of previous shows will take up the gauntlet without being asked.


Types of Committee Chairs are:


Awards (Ribbons and Trophies)





AOS and Ribbon Judging




Artistic Division (Orchids in Use)


Banquet and Entertainment

AOS Membership Drive

Fund Raising




The Show Committee Chairs should agree on a show date as soon as possible after the previous show ends.  The date selected needs to be coordinated with the Administrator of the show site.  Verification by the Administrator MUST is made to assure reservation of the whole building for the entire show.


As soon as a date is decided upon, the Show Chair should notify the society’s allocated Judging Center Chair either directly or through the show Judging and Ribbon Chair and request approval of the show dates. (The show date MUST first be approved by the societies allocated Judging Chair at least six months in advance of the show.)  After the show dates have been approved by the Judges at the Judging Center, the allocated Judging Chair will send an e-mail to the American Orchid Society (AOS) for approval.


Upon approval by the AOS, a Show Data Sheet will be received by the Show Chair for completion and submission.  Note that commitments to judge from at least five certified AOS judges, of whom four must be accredited judges, and a photographer needs to be secured.   The Judging Center Chair should also be asked to be the Show Judge’s Coordinator.  Be aware that it is up to the Society’s Show Chair (you), not the Judging Center Chair, to secure the Judges signatures and to acquire a Show Photographer).


 Payment for the AOS judging material, insurance, and the AOS Trophy should be sent with the competed Show Data Sheet.  AOS will send a confirmation letter to the Show Chair after they receive the completed Show Data Sheet and payment.


The Show judging kit will be mailed to the Judging Center Chair who will see that it gets to the show before judging time.  After the show, it is the responsibility of the Show Chair you to mail the unused judging materials back to AOS.


Your committees will want to decide whether to purchase the ODC, IPA, etc., trophies to award.




The Show Chair should be in attendance and available during the entire show (from setup to teardown) to address any problems or questions that might arise.


The Show Chair should request a raffle plant donation from each of the vendors and ensure that appropriate signs are available to acknowledge the vendors donations.

Show Chair Check List

q       Date of show locked down

q       Place of show locked down

q       Judging approval acquired

q       Show Data Sheet received from AOS, completed and resent to AOS with payment

q       Committees Established

q       Copies of responsibilities provided to committee chairs

q       Schedule published

q       Awards (Ribbons and Trophies purchased)

q       Staging

q       Classification

q       Entries

q       Clerking

q       AOS and Ribbon Judging

q       Hospitality

q       Publicity

q       Finance

q       Artistic Division (Orchids in Use)

q       Sales

q       Banquet and Entertainment

q       Fund Raising

q       AOS Membership Drive

q       Welcome

q       Cleanup

q       AOS supplies returned


Committee Responsibilities


All Show Committee Chairs may want to enlist enough members to assist in completing required tasks.  Communication within the committees, between committees, and with the Show Chair is a MUST in assuring a successful show with little or no surprises.


Remember, a Committee Chair may be responsible for combined tasks.


(You may want to make copies of the responsibilities and check lists for each Show Committee Chair).




Show Schedule


The Show Schedule Chair is responsible for:


1.     Ensuring that an appropriate number of accurate Show Schedules are available for the members to use while registering their plants and exhibits as well as enough for each Show Judge to use during ribbon judging.


a.     The show schedule presents regulatory guidelines for the show in a manner and format convenient for use by the show committee, exhibitors and judges.  Once the schedule is adopted, the rules are fixed.  Careful wording of the schedule and clear statement of the rules are essential.  The schedule generally used is derived from the Southwest Regional Orchid Growers Association (SWROGA) Show Schedule that can be obtained in electronic format from the SWROGA Show Chair.  On the home page of the SWROGA website ( there is a place to request an updated show schedule.  The schedule can be adapted to the society requirements, as is often the case. 

Check List for Show Schedule Committee Chair


q       Copy of responsibilities provided for committee members.


q       Current show schedule pulled off of the SWROGA website.  (A copy of a ruler on the back of the schedule is nice to have).


q       Changes made to show schedule to accommodate any changes agreed to by the Show Committee members; i.e., Orchids in Use, Conservation Award, People’s Choice Award.


q       Preview copy of show schedule provided to all committee chairs for review and comment.


q       Adequate number of show schedules printed to accommodate the members during plant registration and the judges during judging.  (The number will depend on how many exhibitors and judges you expect).




The Staging Chair is responsible for:


1.     Providing exhibit sign up forms to the society members and inviting other societies to exhibit.  (See Examples).


1.     Overseeing the physical arrangements and equipment needed for the show and the process of setting up exhibits.


2.     The floor design should be drawn to scale, and exhibitor’s positions indicated as soon as these are known.  The show as a whole should be planned so that the total picture is most effective.


a.     Final floor plans should be adhered to with as few last minute changes as possible.  If changes are made, coordination must take place with the Registration Chair to avoid possible confusion during the judging process.


3.     The tracking of exhibits through a numbering system and providing enough final staging maps for the ribbon judging clerks and judges to use during judging.


4.     Assuring that name plaques are provided identifying exhibitors and that the plaques are set out after judging is over.  (Communication with the Classification Committee is a must in this task – holders should be available to display the plaques.)
Check List for Staging Committee Chair


q       Copy of responsibilities provided for committee members.


q       “Reservation for Exhibit Space” forms provided for membership and collected.


q       Forms for commercial exhibits received from Sales Chair.


q       Extra extension cords available.


q       Enough tables available.


q       Input for pedestals and tables required for Orchids in Use received from Flower Club Representative.


q       Exhibitor name plaques and holders ready


q       Exhibit number signs ready


q       Copies of exhibit hall layout ready for exhibitors and judges


q       Setup volunteers lined up.


q       Teardown volunteers lined up.





Reservation for Exhibit Space


Orchid Society Show and Sale




Name: __________________________________

Address: ________________________________

Phone Number: __________________________

E-mail Address: __________________________


Circle or check type of space needed:

  Table Top

        5’ x 30” rectangle           6’ x 30” rectangle

        8’ x 30” rectangle           10’ x 3” rectangle

        12’ x 30” rectangle         3 1/2’ round

   Floor Exhibit

        5’ x 5’              5’ x 10’             10’ x 5’

        Other size (please indicate)

(We will do our best to accommodate your display requirements)


Electricity Needed?      Yes             No


Back drops and table coverings for exhibits NOT provided.  Water props not allowed (water fountains, water falls, etc.)  Show insurance provided.


Set up will begin at Time. on Day, Date.  Tear down will begin at 4:00 p.m. on Sunday.


___________Orchid Society

January 19, 2007


Dear Orchid Society Member:

The _____ Orchid Society cordially extends an invitation to you and your Society to exhibit at their annual orchid show and sale.  The 20XX ______ Orchid Society Show and Sale, “_Theme_________”, will be held on ____Date, Place, and Address______________________________________________________

Attached is a Reservation for Exhibit Space Reply Form.   Please fill out and return no later than ___Date________ to:  Name and Address _________________________________ (you may remit via e-mail).

Set up and registration will be ____Date and time_______________________ p.m.  Judging will be __Day and Time______________________ until complete (breakfast will be served at 7:30).   The Show and Sales area will be open to the public from 12:00 p.m to 5:00 p.m. Saturday and from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Sunday.  Breakdown will begin at 4:00 p.m. Sunday.

A Social and Dutch Treat dinner is being planned for Saturday evening, ___Day and Time________________________  Details will be available on the ___Date_______



Please let me know if you require any additional information.




Name, Address, Phone Number, and e-mail






The Publicity Chair is responsible for:


1.     Obtaining a Theme


a.     Requests for input from the society membership for theme ideas should be made at least six months before show date.  A vote then needs to be taken. A theme helps to obtain publicity, stimulate exhibitors to create attractive displays and unify a show.


2.     Generating a Flyer


q       After a theme has been decided on, a flyer needs to be produced.  Typically the flyer will be electronically generated and easily reproduced.  (One way to obtain a flyer is to have a contest with the winning entry receiving a blooming orchid plant).


3.     Notifying Newspapers, TV, and Radio


a.               Some newspapers provide a FREE interview and pictures.  Be sure to contact the local paper enough in advance.  All the information about the show should be provided by mail or e-mail at least three weeks or sooner prior to the show.


b.     Information should be faxed to the radio stations and periodicals no later than three weeks before the show.


4.     E-mail SWROGA webmaster information about show, date, time, place and contact.  Do this at least 6 months or sooner before show.  (


5.     Check the AOS Orchids magazine and website show listing to make sure the information got in and is correct.  It should be published at least 3 months or more before the show, depending on when the show was approved by AOS.


4.     Arranging for signs and banners to be put up in the area.


5.     Removing and storing the signs after the show ends.

Check List for Publicity Committee Chair


q       Copies of responsibilities provided for committee members.


q       Request form for theme ideas provided for the society membership and collected.


q       A volunteer selected to generate a flyer based on the chosen theme. 


q       Copies made of the flyer and distributed.


q       Radios contacted.    (A list of the stations and periodicals e-mail addresses might be of value in this book for future use.)


q       Television contacted.


q       SWROGA Web Master Contacted (


q       AOS show announced in Orchids (check this)


q       Newspapers contacted.


q       Signs and banners ready to set out.








 The Sales Chair is responsible for:


1.     Sending invitations to the vendors, listing all show information, rules, and charges.  (See Example).  The Show Committee members should decide how much will be charged for vending based on show budget.


2.     Following-up on vendor confirmation and communicate with the Staging Chair.  (See Example)


3.     Arranging for Show Insurance (usually purchased from AOS – (AOS has an on-line insurance form available at their website


4.     Notifying the Staging Chair of the amount of sales tables required as well as vendor exhibit space needed.

Check List for Sales Committee Chair


q       Show insurance purchased.


q       Invitations sent to vendors.  (Be sure to send invitations well in advance of the show date.  Vendors need to plan, too).


q       Confirmations received from vendors.  (It is best to request a deposit and provide a drop-dead date for cancellation and refund of deposit).


q       Table space required for vendor’s sales and exhibits provided to Staging Chair.

 Orchid Society

Date                                                EXAMPLE


Dear Vendor:

The _______ Orchid Society cordially extends an invitation to you to vend at their annual orchid show and sale.  The 20xx ______ Orchid Society Show and Sale will be held on ________________ at the _____________________.  We will be advertising heavily and expect excellent attendance again this year. 

There is space for 5 orchid vendors and 2 orchid supply vendors.  Fees are $150 per 6’ table with a minimum purchase of 2 tables required.  A third 6’ table will be provided free with commitment to exhibit a display.  Since sales space is limited, vendors will be accepted on a first to reply basis.  A deposit of $100 with your vendor registration is required to hold your tables; balance will be due at set up. 

Attached  is a Vendor Reply Form and a layout of the Show Floor.  Please indicate your first, second and third preference for sales location on the layout and return along with your reply form and deposit no later than ____Date____ , 20xx.  Vendors will be placed on a first to respond basis.  You will receive confirmation and receipt for deposit upon acceptance.  Deposits will be refunded on cancellations received by ________Date_______ .

Set up and registration will _Day and Date_____________ from _Time_______.  Judging will be __Day and Date_______ from __Time______until complete.   The Show and Sales area will be open to the public from __Day and Tme_________.  Breakdown will begin at __Time and Day__________________.

Please let me know if you require any additional information.







Vendor Reply Form for 20xx  Orchid Society Show and Sale

Date and Place


Name: ___________________________________________________


Company: ________________________________________________


Number of Tables: ___________________($150 per 6’ table, 2 table minimum)


Person(s) working sales tables




I will also need:___________________________________________________________


Deposit due on submission to hold space: $100.00






Printed Name


Mail this completed form, the layout form with your preference and your $100 check or money order deposit made payable to ________no-later-than __Date____________.





You will receive a table confirmation and receipt.

Questions:  Phone number, e-mail address










The Awards Chair is responsible for:


1.     Working closely with the Show Schedule Chair to verify the amount of ribbons and trophies required.  


2.     Ordering rosettes, show judge ribbons, trophies, etc.


a.     The Show Committee Members should be polled for ideas for Show Trophies and budget.  The trophies should be orchid related.  After vote is taken as to what to use as trophies, purchase should be made enough in advance to assure they will be available for the show.


3.     Providing ribbon to string between trophies and awarded plants for easy identification.


4.     Providing signs for each award.  Signs from previous years should be available.  (Communication with the Classification Committee is a must in this task – holder should be available to display the signs.)


5.     Turning trophies not awarded over to the Society President on Sunday at the end of the show.


6.     Collecting and placing the award signs back in a folder on Sunday after the show ends so they can be used at the next show.

Check List for Awards Committee Chair



q       Enough 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place ribbons are available for ribbon judging.


q       Enough Judges and Clerks ribbons are available


q       Enough Rosettes are available


q       Enough Trophies have been purchased


q       Award signs are read

Classification and Entry


 The Classification Chair is responsible for:


1.     Assuring that updated folders are available for each classification by working closely with the Show Schedule Committee.


2.     Making sure there are enough entry forms for exhibitors to fill out. (Entry tags can be ordered from the SWROGA Show Tag Representative ahead of time if more are needed.  There is a place on the SWROGA website to request Show Tags).


3.     Assisting in the monitoring of entry forms by working closely with the Entry Committee to ensure the entries are complete.


a.     Entry forms should be labeled correctly, legibly and neatly.  The name and parentage (if a hybrid) should identify the plant.


b.     One or more computers with an updated e-program(e-awards, Orchidwiz, etc.) and a printer should be acquired to assist the exhibitors and committee.


c.     Correct classification is ultimately the responsibility of the exhibitor.  The classification committee or show chair could be called upon to decide if improperly entered plants should be reclassified.  However, it is usually the prerogative of the judges to change a plant to another class or section if they think it is improperly entered, or if the classification committee or the show chair requests that this be done.


d.     Use of the SWROGA Alphabetical Listing of Orchid Species and Intergeneric Hybrids should be provided for exhibitor to use during classification (current list can requested from the SWROGA Show Chair at the web site


4.     Assigning identification numbers to exhibits and exhibitors.


5.     Recording all entries on a computerized list by category.


6.     Pasting carbon copy of each entry in appropriate folders.  (If folders are used).


a.     Paste should be used that will allow entry forms to be easily removed from the folder in case a judge decides to move it to another class and after the show is over.


7.     Recording number of entries in each category and notifying the SWROGA Show Committee chair of same for future reference.


8.     Removing all entry tags and erasing all marks on folders after judging is completed and storing folders.  (If folders are used)


a.     It is important that folders be kept in numerical order in the folder container and stored at the end of the show so they will be available for the next show.

Check List for Classification and Entry Committee Chair



q       Folders or Lists are ready  (Whichever is used)


q       Enough entry forms are available


q       Enough computers containing e-award information are (e-aos, Orchidwiz, etc) available


q       Printer available


q       Copies of SWROGA Alphabetical Listing of Orchid Species and Intergeneric Hybrids available (Current list should have been requested from the SWROGA Show Chair via the SWROGA Website).





 The Fundraising Chair is responsible for:


Requesting and accepting items for silent auction table.


Generating silent auction signup forms.


Setting up silent auction table at show time.


Distributing silent auction items at end of show and collecting payments.


Assuring raffle tickets available.


Monitoring raffle and tracking amount collected.


Proposing fundraising possibilities

Checklist for Fundraising Chair


q       Tickets available for raffle


q       Items collected for silent auction


q       Signup sheets provided for silent auction


q       Assistants lined up to monitor raffle and silent auction





The Hospitality Committee Chair is responsible for:


1.     Accommodating any guests of the society at show time and hosting the public during the hours the show is open.


2.     Assisting the Judging Committee Chair in arranging a judge’s breakfast and/or luncheon.


3.     Coordinating food items for the hospitality room during show time.


4.     Arranging for take-it bags at the end of the show (Sunday) for out-of-town exhibitors and vendors.

Check List for Hospitality Committee Chair


q       Volunteer times scheduled


q       Number of people for Judges meal


q       Food items purchased






The Welcoming Committee Chair is responsible for:


1.     Making sure that the Welcome Table is staffed during the show.


a.     Every show needs society members present during the hours the show is open to the public to answer questions about the orchids on display and the many cultural questions that arise.


2.     Assuring that culture sheets are available.


3.     Assuring that membership forms and Orchid Society information is available.


4.     Selling memberships.


5.     Selling raffle tickets.


6.     Handing out and collecting People’s Choice ballots.        (If desired).

Check List for Welcoming Committee Chair


q       Volunteer times schedules


q       Raffle tickets and containers ready


q       Raffle table set up


q       Membership forms available


q       Culture sheets available






Clerks are a very important part of the judging process.  Detailed directions should be given before ribbon judging begins.  The clerking chair is responsible for:


1.     Assuring at least two clerks for each Ribbon Judging Team will be available (three is preferable if at all possible).  (Communication with the Judging Chair is a must.)


2.     Instructing the clerks on their duties as follows:


a.     Use of the Show Schedule


b.     Use of floor plan, the folders or lists (whichever is used) for the classes assigned to their judging team, and ribbons for the classes (blue, red, and white)


A.    On each team:


(1)   One clerk will hold the folders or list (whichever is used) with the entries, direct the judges to the location of the entry, and record the judges’ decision on the entry forms or list for the ribbons (first-Blue, second-Red, Third-White) and Trophies.


(2)   One or two clerks will place the appropriate ribbons on plants.


c.     Let the clerks know they should never:


(1)   Volunteer information about exhibitors or plants.


(2)   Engage in distracting personal conversations.


(3)   Discuss the judges’ comments afterward.


(4)          Neither disband their team nor leave until the judging chair and the clerking chair have excused them from further duties.


3.     Assists the Ribbons and Awards Chair in distributing the file folders or lists (whichever used) and ribbons to the judging team clerks.


4.     After ribbon judging, assign clerks the duties of collecting plants marked for AOS judging:


a.     Plants to be pulled will be clearly marked, usually with a round dot, on the entry form or leaf of the plant by the AOS judges.


b.     Take the plants to be judged to an assigned location and return them after the AOS judges are finished with them.


c.     A special “Pulled for AOS Judging” ribbon usually will be left in the position of the removed plant to assure the plant is returned to the correct location after judging, leaving the ribbon with the plant after it is returned (whether it was awarded or not).


5.     Assign clerks to assist the Awards Committee in distributing the:

a.     Trophies

b.     Award signs

c.     Rosettes and strings from the award signs to the awarded plants

d.     Exhibitor Signs

(Trophies, Signs, Ribbons, and Holders for distribution should be at the Awards Committee Table)

Clerking Chair Checklist


q       Enough volunteers for clerks signed up


q       Copies of clerking duties given to all clerks


q       Give clerks an orientation before judging begins (The Head Clerk may want to have copies of the instructions to hand out to the clerks).

Show Judging Chair


The Judging Chair should be an AOS accredited judge if at all possible.  The Judging Chair is responsible for:


1.     Inviting the society’s allocated Judging Center Chair to be the Judge’s Coordinator during judging at the show.


2.     Sending invitations to AOS judges requesting they judge the show.  (See Example)

a.               The invitation should include the following information: 

1)               Date of Show

2)              Place

3)              Time of Judging

4)              Time of meal/s

5)              Return form for acceptance


3.  Arranging for space for photographer to take pictures of any plants that receive an AOS award.



4.     Coordinating with the Hospitality Chair to make available a Judges Breakfast and/or Luncheon:

a.               Decide on menu (This will depend on whether catered, dining out, or eating on site).

b.               Advise how many to expect (This will depend whether Judges significant others and clerks are invited to eat).


5.     Coordinating with the Head Clerk to:

a.               Let him/her know how many clerks will be required.

b.               Get a list of the clerks that will be present.

Show Judging Chair Checklist


q       Invitations sent to all area AOS judges


q       Hospitality chair advised as to how many will attend the judge’s breakfast and/or luncheon.


q       Place and menu decided on for Judges meal/s.


q       Head clerk advised as to how many clerks to have present.



 Orchid Society

Invites you to judge their show


At the ____Place_____________






7:30 a.m. – Breakfast Buffet


8:00 a.m. – Ribbon Judging & AOS Judging


11:30 a.m. – Lunch

If you are planning to attend, please return the attached form by ____________Date to:  __________Name and Address______________________


For additional information contact ________Name,  Phone number and e-mail________





Orchid Society

Judges Confirmation for

__Date________, 20xx Show





Breakfast:  7:30

Ribbon & AOS Judging:  8:00

Lunch:  11:30


I accept being a judge for this event: ___­________

I am unable to judge this event: _______________

My spouse or significant other will be attending breakfast and lunch___


Address: _________________________________________________

City, State, Zip:  ___________________________________________

Phone:  ________________Email: ____________________________



Finance Chair


The Finance Chair is typically the Society Treasurer.  For a large show it may be advisable to select someone other than the treasurer to be the Finance Chair.


The Finance Chair is responsible for:


1.     Generating a Budget based on Show Committees recommendations.

2.     Tracking Expenditures by:

a.               Keeping a written list of all expenditures turned in by the Committee Chairs.

1)     Making sure that checks are made out as required for reimbursement upon receiving valid receipts (If the Finance Chair is not the Society Treasurer, making sure the treasurer is aware of payments to be made).


3.  Keeping all receipts of expenditures turned in by Committee Chairs (If the Finance Chair is not the Society Treasurer, turning all records over to the treasurer at the end of the show).


4.  Collecting payments for Sales Tables and Banquet. 


4.  Generating a Show Income vs Expenditure Report after the show is over.

Finance Chair Checklist



q       Budget Generated


q       Receipts verified for all expenditures


q       Written list of all monies received and disbursed


q       Complete financial report at end of show

Banquet and Entertainment


The Banquet and Entertainment Chair is responsible for:


1.     Polling the Show Committee members as to what kind of banquet to hold; i.e., catered or restaurant.

a.     If catered is decided upon, source and menu will need to be selected.


2.     Pricing the Banquet determined by cost of catering or dining out.


3.     Acquiring Entertainment if desired. (Some types have been; magician, dancing group, singing group, solo singer).


4.     Sending banquet signup requests to the society membership.


Show Banquet and Entertainment Chair Checklist


q       Type of banquet decided on


q       Price decided on


q       Membership polled for attendance


q       Menu selected if catered  (if catered, verification that room is available)


q       Restaurant secured if not catered


q       Entertainment Arranged (if desired)


q       Decorations purchased (if desired)


q       Door prizes purchased  (always nice to have)






Artistic Division (Orchids in Use)


The Artistic Division (Orchids in Use) Chair is responsible for:


1.                Notifying the Show Schedule Chair of any changes to the schedule as printed.

2.                Coordinating display setup with the members of the Floral Arranging Clubs.  (If available)

3.                Arranging for purchase of orchids from Hausermann Orchids:

a.     2 boxes Large White Cattleyas (typically donated by Hausermann Orchids)

b.     2 boxes Large Lavender Cattleyas

c.     1 box mixed Novelty (typically donated by Hausermann Orchids)

1).    Contact is Melinda at 650-543-6855.  The cattleyas are usually donated by Hausermann and the cost of the Novelites is usually around $50.00.

4.                Arrange for shipping and pick-up of orchids.

a.     Ship via air freight

1).  Cost is variable depending upon carrier.

b.     Pick-up at airport or bus depot.


Artistic Division Chair Checklist


q       Flower Judge Representative Contacted


q       Copy of Schedule provided to Flower Judge   Representative


q       Orchids ordered for Orchids in Use


q       Arrangement made to pick up orchids

American Orchid Society Representative


The Society’s AOS representative should set up a designated table at the show for an AOS membership drive. AOS materials such as the portable AOS membership brochure display and current literature concerning membership should be arranged on the membership drive table.


AOS provides a free Membership kit and if you don’t have one, contact the AOS membership representative at


Credit cards can be accepted as well as checks.  Be sure all applications are filled in completely. 
American Orchid Society Rep Checklist



q       Membership Kit received


q       Written instruction set for helpers


q       Helpers signed up to work at the table


q       Give-away items arranged (last year’s Orchids magazines, orchid plants, etc.)





This booklet was made up with the information at hand.  Nothing in it is etched in stone!!!  Take what you like and leave the rest.  Add on, subtract from, include your own examples and HAVE A GREAT SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!