The Vallarta Botanical Gardens

The Vallarta Botanical Gardens has an exciting capital campaign to build the Vallarta Conservatory of Mexican Orchids. Mexico is home to over 1,200 different orchids, with about 300 of them being unique to Mexico. This will be the first conservatory in Mexico dedicated to only Mexican orchids.

Details of this exciting project, which was featured in the October issue of the AOS Magazine Orchids, can be viewed on the garden’s website at Also on the website, you will find information wherein your donation can be tax deductible, either in the US or in Canada.

We greatly appreciate all contributions made and invite you to join with us in a unique opportunity for a new iconic building to showcase Mexican Orchids and bring much needed attention to orchid conservation efforts in Mexico.

The Orchid Conservation Alliance

The Orchid Conservation Alliance has announced a new fundraising campaign to support the purchase of rainforest land in Serra Bonita located in the Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest Reserve, a precious orchid rich area in Brazil once used by the cocoa industry. Each acre of rainforest can be purchased and protected for $200 helping extend the existing 4700 acres of the reserve. SWROGA membership voted to support this project with a one time $1000 grant. In addition, two individual societies stepped up and agreed to purchase an additional acre each.  For more information, please visit the OCA's brand new website

Oklahoma Orchid Society Conservation Page.

By Dr. Michael A. Friday


Calopogan oklahomensis

The Oklahoma Orchid Society is standing up its own conservation effort.  Please checkout The OOS Conservation Program presentation.  Also for information on the Native Orchids of Oklahoma, checkout Presentation of Native Orchids.  OOS was awarded the certificate below for its sponsorship of the Phillippines Island of Palawan reserve.





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